Sunday, December 4, 2011

PLN Final Report

The PLN this semester has been a ton of help and it is extremely convenient. I have all of my school related things like the PAWS email, USA Online, USA's main page, and the national honors society all in one location. As far as social sites, I have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest in one location as well. My bank account and various emails I have are there, too. I love having all of my most visited websites organized, and it makes everything just a little less chaotic. This was such a good assignment and I will definitely keep up with it!

Blog Post #14

In Top ten tips for using technology in the classroom, there are 10 tips that are absolutely essestial to having technology in today's classroom. One of them is the use of Skype. Skype is basically a phone call over the internet where you can see people face to face. Interviewing teachers from across the world can be beneficial, and this could be possible by the Skype process. I feel like teachers can improve their classroom and students can be introduced to new learning opportunities.
Another tip that stood out to me is the interactive whiteboard. I have worked with the SMARTboard in classes prior to this, and if I was entertained by it, surely younger students will be! The interactive board is such a nice change to just watching a video or coloring a worksheet. Students can play games on this and draw countless shapes, learning will come more easily to them I feel like. The ten tips video was really a creative video and I hope to use those ideas in my own classroom.

C4T #4

This week I was assigned to John Spencer's Tom Johnson's Adventures in Pencil Integration. In Mr. Spencer's blog he mentioned that this book are now available for download for only a buck right here! He also mentions that all of his other books are only a dollar for a certain amount of time. Mr. Spencer adds a bit of sarcasm to his post which I like. It adds some humor to what would normally be just an ordinary post.

Final Project

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Additional Post # 1

1. Why did you miss the metaphor in Tom Johnson's post, or, if you "hit the nail on the head", why do you think you understood the metaphor and why do you think that others in the class missed the metaphor?
I am a very straight forward type of reader, Sarcasm is not the first thing I look for in a post. In a video, sarcasm is very apparent to me and I can pick up on it in a second. With reading this blog post, it did not jump out at me. I have to read it over and over again. The metaphor, to me, was hidden within the post.

2. What metaphors have you encountered since I asked you to create a log of them?
I come across metaphors on a daily basis. On Pinterest, I saw a perfect example of one. "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly." That is one of my favorites. Also, What a Wonderful Day to be a Cow is a great book full of metaphors. "It's not exactly rocket surgery"and "We'll burn that bridge when we get to it" are just a few that I've heard today.

3. What other things can we do as educators to help our students to understand and to use metaphors?
Most students do not understand the exact definition of a metaphor. A metaphor is a literary figure of speech that uses an image, story or tangible thing to represent a less tangible thing or some intangible quality or idea. I know that students have all heard of angel hair pasta, or that they would "kill" to own that video game. We use metaphors daily! Maybe students just don't know how to recognize them off the top of their head. I think that if more exercises were done on metaphors, students could strengthen their use of metaphors.

4. Why do we use metaphors?
I think people use metaphors to involve that creative aspect into it. For example, noodles. No one likes to eat plain noodles. We all love alfredo sauce, meatballs, and parmesan cheese on our noodles! That right there is a metaphor. Taboo subjects can be discussed with the use of a metaphor, too. Without metaphors, communication amongst people would be boring, dry and not entertaining in the least.

Blog Post #13

apple blackberry technology
This was one of the hardest assignments that we have had this semester. Basically, my days include having my cell phone, my computer and television all nearby. Without these devices I didn't know what to do at first, then I got productive with my day. Cleaning my dorm room, catching up on some reading from one of myfavorite book series were just a couple of the things that I did, but were not on top of my to do list. I would have done homework but the computer was forbidden. It was nice to just relax for the day and not do anything I didn't want to. I'm not going to lie and say that it was easy, I had to start over a couple of times due to a phone call from my parents and a message from my sorority that was crucial to see at the moment. I had told my friends that I was going to be MIA for the day, and though some of them had forgotten, and called or texted me, they were supportive. It was actually nice to be cut off from the world. Having all of the technology taken away made me appreciate the things in life that I often overlook. For Dr. Baggett's class we were assigned a tree to draw, and there is a beautiful tree right outside of our sorority's house. Since I had no other obligations, I decided to go outside and start sketching that tree. It was a peaceful kind of day and I would have never taken advantage of it had I been inside on facebook, watching television. I will definitely try to incorporate these kind of days into my life more often! When I have my own classroom, I imagine that my students will be even more into technology than today's students. Most of them will know even more than I do! That's scary to think of. Of course I will have technology in my classroom, but there will also be a balance of blogwork and work that involves markers and gluesticks. I believe that balance is key!

C4K #11

ice cream
I was assigned Jonathan's blog this week, his post was about how to make comet ice cream. I had never heard about this type of ice cream until I read this post. It is basically just ice cream, but you add in crumbled cookies. I told Jonathan that this was such a creative idea and that I would have to try it!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blog Post #12

Watch the video The Future Of Learning and write a one to two paragraph response on how you think classrooms in the future will be centered around. For example, will books still play a huge role or will technology? Will there still be the need to even come to class or will the Internet act as a teacher?

Classrooms in the future could be just as they are now, or they could be more highly developed. No one can tell the future, but if I could, I would say that there is without a doubt in my mind that technology will take over the classrooms. Look how far we have come today. When I was in 3rd grade the closet we got to the Internet was the game Oregan Trail. Schools all over the nation are starting technology with their students earlier and earlier. For example, my cousin in Kindergarten is a whiz on the computer, and thinking back when I was that age, there is no comparison between her abilities and mine. I am excited to see these students so very involved in the technology aspect of school at this time and I can only imagine how much more involved they will be in the future.

Project #14 - Skype Interview

Final Project Progress

Our group has gotten together a couple of times to discuss some ideas for our final project. We have a couple idea up our sleeve but nothing is set in stone yet. Each of us email and every time we do, someone has a new idea that could possibly top the last one. I am really excited how our project pans out, and I'm excited to see how Dr. Strange and our classmates react to it as well.

Part 1 of C4K #10

Mrs. Yollis' classroom blog is very inspiring! Anyone who intends to become an educator of any sort, they should take time to look at all of the effort that is within her blog. There are countless pictures, numerous links that tie into her points, and creative projects for her students. I mean, look at this! Most third grade classrooms do not have a happy birthday video recording planned for that week. Her students are incredibly lucky that she is so enthusiastic about her career! Look how many people are viewing her blog right now. That is truly something to be proud of. After searching throughout her blog, I really got excited about how I am going to incorporate technology like this into my classroom! Prior to viewing her blog, I did not know that it had won several awards. Even if you were not a student on Mrs. Yollis' class, with theis blog, you could still know exactly what goes on in her classroom. This blog is kid friendly and exceptionally useful to any new teacher. Mrs. Yollis' classroom blog is without a doubt one of my favorite blogs to get ideas from. I cannot wait to get started with my own classroom of eager students one day!

For the second part of C4K, I commented on Mrs. Yollis' post on the dog her and her husband babysit for a while. She mentioned that having an animal teaches children responsibility, which I totally agree on. She asked if we had any animals and I said that I had a Teacup Poodle, Fiona. Mrs. Yollis asked if Fiona requires attention from my parents and I, and she does. I said that we didn't really mind because Fiona is part of our family.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

C4K #7 #8 & #9

I was assigned Ms. Dorby's classroom for the C4K #7. Her class was to create an animal made up from two existing animals. (ex. and elephant and a mouse...) How creative! I would love for my future class to do something along those lines for a project! I wrote back and said that I would love to see pictures of the student's animal creations. All of the student's descriptions of their new animals were so cute and hilarious to read through!

For C4K #8, Lorenzo's blog had a picture of the Eiffel Tower, and then below it, it has Lorenzo's interpretaion of it. His picture was awesome and he really got the details of the tower included into it! I praised him on his work and said to keep it up!

My next student was Jack, a student who was in a history class that really took advantage of technology. He said that he took this history class by word of mouth basically. This history class was technology based, and he loved every second of it! I loved that he actually enjoyed it! Most students just want to pass the class and get it over with, but Jack truly enjoyed his time there. I wrote to him telling him about how in high school I had some boring classes, and if there had been technology in it I would have loved it more. He was an exceptional writer, too.

Blog Post #11

Ms. Cassidy's class having a blog is a great idea. Even though I wouldn't necessarily think that first graders are ready for the blogging world, she introduces it to her students quite well. She mentions that they are protected and that their parents are fully aware of what their children are doing. She keeps them safe by only posting the child's first name, not their last. Safety on the Internet would be my number one concern as a parent, and I feel like Ms. Cassidy does an excellent job at that. She also mentions that there are pictures but they do not match the student's name. Ms. Cassidy made a point that technology will not ever go away. She is absolutely correct! Even at this young as an age, technology is crucial to these students. She teaches her students to use correct etiquette. Like technology, etiquette is important at a first grader's age. It is never too young to learn. The only thing that would possibly stand in the way of the Internet in my classroom would be keeping the children safe. Ms. Cassidy's tips on safety are exceptional. I know as a first grader, I was so excited on that day that we got to use the computer. So I can only imagine how excited my class will be using it regularly! I will definitely introduce the Internet to my elementary class in the future. Ms. Cassidy has given me some useful fun ideas to introduce to my class!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blog Post #10

Do you Teach or Do you Educate? is a video that describes the difference between teaching and educating. I have always wanted to become an educator, and to insprire children is worth it all to me. Teaching children, in my opinion, is the minimum I could do. Being an educator involves so much more. When I shadowed my third grade teacher for a highschool club, she said one thing that will forever stick out in my mind. She said, "students are with their teachers 5 days a week, for several hours a day. You know these children inside and out pretty much." I took that as, you have to be a constant role model to these children. I want my future students to be able to be comfortable around me. Unfortunantly, some children will see their teachers more than they see their parents. As sad as that is, it is true. I want to be more than just a 3rd grade teacher to them, I want to better their lives in some way.
I fully intend on being an educator rather than a one-sided teacher. By one-sided, I mean that they just assign problems, read book chapters, and grade tests... yeah, that's it. Get it? I want to be so much more to my students. I want them to be excited to come to my class and to truly want to learn. I can be an educator by myself being enthused. Generic projects that have been around since your parents time won't be included in my curriculum if I can help it. I remember teachers who have done this with my class, and I now realize how much of an impact they have had on me. I am excited for my role not only as a teacher, but as an educator!

C4T#3 - 1

I was assigned to Jenna Bentley's blog this week. Her blog post was about the 'glass empty/glass full' type of people. I wrote back and mentioned that personally I though that I am the glass full person. I said that I am the first person to just breathe and take a step back when situations get overwhelming. She also mentioned a book Life of Pi in her post. From my interpretation, Pi is going through many tribulations with his life and what he wants from it. He believes in something greater and that is what is carrying him through those rough patches of life. I would like to read that book, I told her. Overall, her blog was so enjoyable to read!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blog Post #9

In Mr. McClung's post What I've learned This Year 2008-09 He talks about what to expect...and to completely forget it. He mentions how initially he thought it was all about him, the teacher. He soon realized that it is always 100% about the students. I've had teachers that just didn't want to teach that day and they just put in a movie for us. Okay, I admit it, I enjoyed it a few times, but seriously? How is that helping our education? I look back now an appreciate those teachers that pushed our class to meet it's full potential. For Mr. McClung to realize that it is not about the teacher, but rather the students, shows how he has grown in his teaching career.
In his other post, What I've Learned This Year 2010-11 I noticed that there was still the focus on 'student centered' learning. I am impressed by Mr. McClung's mentality as a teacher! He seems like a very hands on type of teacher, and from what I read from his blogs, any student would be lucky to have him to call their teacher. In this post he also mentions that he tries daily to maintain a positive outlook. Have you ever had one of those teachers that is just in a sour mood constantly? and you feel like you can't ask them questions without getting their wrath? Mr. McClung seems the complete opposite of that! Mr. McClung has grown in so many ways as an educator and I know that his students appreciate all of his efforts.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Post #8

This Is How We Dream Parts 1 and 2 based on the Internet and how much it affects us every single day. Imagine life today without Internet...for any question we have, 99% of people search the Internet. I bet that if the Internet was not around tomorrow, people would not know what to do with themselves. The Internet keeps people in sync with life outside of their own "bubble." We learn the majority of things from the Internet and it is only going to get more and more advanced.
I believe that I am prepared for multimedia. I get some really fantastic ideas from the Internet everyday. The Internet is constantly expanding, and I try my best to keep up with it. It is a tool that not only can help myself, but it will help my future as a teacher. There are millions of projects for students, teaching methods, and advice for brand new teachers, that yes, are ALL found on the Internet.
I will be teaching elementary students, so their knowledge of the Internet will be less than a college students, of course. The students will absolutely be mindful of the Internet. I can incorporate youtube clips into my lesson for that day, or I can provide them with an internet website to help them practice that week's voacbulary words. I think that if they are exposed to the Internet at an early age, they are way ahead of the game. We as teachers are responsible for giving our students every possibility of succeeding and the Internet is that main source.

Carly Pugh's Blog Post #8is so original! She nailed Dr. Miller's philosophy right on the head. For her to think so outside of the box on this assignment, she is going to be one successful teacher to many luck children. Her ideas will surely get people more inthused about teaching than they already are. Literature is not usually an exciting topic to most, but having students get creative with the videos they find benefits them in numerous ways. Carly's ideas I think would certainly fit perfectly into the classroom.

The Chipper Seriesand EDM310 For Dummiesvideos perfectly depict EDM310. This class is very hard to keep up with if you are a procastinator, like Chipper. The Chipper Series can very well happen. She decided that she wanted to do things her way, which meant doing the bare minimum and dropping out of school. She finally gets it through her head that she needed to change. In EDM310 For Dummies, it shows how frustrating students get with this class. I wish the book mentioned in the video was real!
If I were to create a video, I would definitely give adivce and pointers to all the new comers to EDM310. My video would hopefully ease the panicking minds of those students.

Learning to Change, Changing to Learn is a video that I think all should watch, especially those who believe technology is not necessary in the classroom. "Technology is not really a choice." is a quote that was mentioned, and it could not be any more right. Stop resisting technology! The commentors on this video were educators from all over, stating opinions on how technology should be in the classrooms more. I believe that they are right. The teaching methods that have been around for years, need to be updated and technology is only going to improve the methods exponentially.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

C4K #6

I was assigned to Kabie this week. Her blogpost was on not eating. She thought that if she didn't eat that she would lose weight. I responded back to her saying that you have got to eat for your body to be able to run. Food is essential for doing daily tasks. I also told her that if she liked to run, she could run around her neighborhood. I ended my comment by wishing her the best of luck.

The second kid I randomly picked was Anthony. His post was on how easy his science test was, and how it involved density. I responded saying that I am glad that he thought his test was easy and that he deserved to get an A. He also mentioned that he is conducting an experiment on how long it takes the Earth to rotate. I told him that I am curious to see how his expermient turns out, and that he wrote a great blogpost.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

PLN Project #10

For my PLN my Symbaloo consists of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Blogger, and the clothing store, Urban Outfitters. It is all so convenient to have all of my most used websites in one place. The websites that I have now are the basics for everyday. I will probably add Wikipedia and Google to my list.
The social websites are all necessary to my life, Facebook is one of the ways I keep in touch with my family from different states. Twitter is where I follow my favorite celebrities and also where I keeo close with family members. Pinterest is a new obsession that I just got introduced to. Basically, you look at people's pictures that they have posted to inspire you for art ideas, clothing styles, or recipes. Anything yu can think of, it is on Pinterest. As far as Youtube, I subscribe to many "beauty gurus" that make videos informing their subscribers about skincare, new makeup brands that they love, and tutorials. Urban Outfitters is where I like to shop online. They have numerous clothing styles that I really enjoy and it is nice for them to be one click away with Symbaloo.

Instructional Timeline #9b

Blog Post #7

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture video was really eye opening to me as a student. I did not know previously to this video that Mr. Pausch had passed away. He seems so high spirited in this video, that one would never know that he was battling cancer. We need more people like Mr. Pausch in the world of education. So many aspiring teachers get distraught over the little things and I think that Mr. Pausch's mentality could be inspiring.
This video was full of inspirational quotes. My favorite was, "When you're screwing up and no body's saying anything to you anymore, that means they've given up." That could not be any truer. Mr. Pausch's coach was there to push him and make him angry at him for a reason, to make him a better player. Sometimes tough love is what can make or break a person. Even though Mr. Pausch did not actually get to play in the NFL, he mentioned that he got more valuable knowledge out of it. It may not be what he expected, but out of it he got something of more value to him.
randy pausch
One of the other quotes that really got to me was, "Brick walls are there for a reason, they let us prove how badly we want things." Nothing in life comes on a silver platter (for most people) so, we've got to work for it. Working for it only makes us appreciate it that much more. If obstacles get in your way, and they most certainly will, persevering through can only mean the best is yet to come. Mr. Pausch made it very clear to the audience that pushing through is what you have got to do.
When Randy Pausch wanted to be an imagineer, Disney kindly sent back the nicest "go to hell" letter, he said. That ties in with the brick wall scenario. Mr. Pausch said that that brick wall is there to keep people out who don't want it badly enough. I can not agree more. Sure, all kinds of people woulve love to be an imagineer, but those who want it badly enough are the ones who will actually work towards that goal.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blog Post #6

The networked Student
Before this video, I had not realized that certain students were taking the initiative to "teaching" themselves. Before when technology was not so apparent in classrooms, the teachers were the soul source of learning. Now with technology being everywhere we turn, teachers are seen as a guide. The more learning strategies the students are exposing themselves to, the more we as teachers need to stay a step ahead! Teachers need to stay up to date on the current technologies so that the students can benefit from it.
With the students being as responsible as they are and as eager, that is only going to strengthen them as individuals. I think that researching and finding new educational webistes on their own is teaching them to think for themselves. Rather than a teacher handing them the material on a silver platter, they are taking the initiative to the next level. I am all for students taking charge, but that only means my part will continuosly grow. I as a teacher will learn new ideas from students everyday, which is what I look forward to.
As far as being ready to service a networked student, I think that in time I will be up for the challenge. With this being my first year of the teaching major, I have already learned a cornucopia of useful webisites and resources. EDM 310 has exposed me to so many assets of the teaching profession. Even though networked students are full speed ahead on their work, they still need a guide to look to. As a technologically literate teacher in the future, I can only look forward to what my students can teach me as well as what valuable knowledge I can give to them.

A 7th Grader's PLE

Wow. The 7th grade sure has changed since I was there. We had huge textbooks, they have their own personal computer. I have to say, this student is organized to a T with her schoolwork. I personally like writing notes with pen and paper, while she saves hers to a bookmark where it is sent to the appropriate place on her computer. Technology has certainly grown in the 7 years when I was in 7th grade...These students seem much more technologically literate than I was at that age. After seeing how she has her computer organized it inspired me to create specific folders for my classes. This is an inspiring video from such a young girl!

Bama Brunettes - Project 8

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blog Post #5

Just who is Scott McLeod?
When I read Dr. McLeod's blog post I was instantly attracted to the type of style it was written in. He did not do the generic paragraph type style, instead everything was off kilter (awesome!) Aside from the style, his point was not the in-your-face type opinion. It really got me thinking about technology and it's pros and cons. I was no quite sure of what he was trying to say until the very end. When he stated, "can't wait to see who has a leg up in a decade or two" That's when it all clicked for me and I'm sure for a lot of other people.
I am all for technology that is administered in a safe way. Technology is going to be the future, people. Embrace it. It is expanding so rapidly that it is impossible not to jump on the bandwagon.
I did not know who Scott McLeod was before we were assigned to read his post, but now I know that he is such an influential man. He is a an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Kentucky and the founding director of the UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education, a center for the needs of technology for school administrators.

The iSchool Initiative
The iSchool initiative is beyond remarkable. This invention could seriously change everything, and literally everything, about schools in the future. In essence, Travis Allen and his team are revamping the scholastic fundamental tools, that up until this point, schools have thrived on. Not one thing will remain the same...but is that good or bad?
I'm downright torn. Of course the carbon footprint would surely decrease, but what if the powersource of technology is suddenly wiped out and technology can no longer be possible? What if technology is not as incorporated in the future as we think it will be? Then we are back at square one. Maybe something's are better left untouched. If we put all this effort into a gadget that will hold every ounce of school information, and it not pan out like people said it would, then what? So do we make the leap of faith and put our trust 100% into the iSchool, or leave schools the way they are? Afterall, it has worked sufficiently for this long...
I'm not sure if this is making sense to anyone else but me but technology could be the one element that holds the future together or it could not. We can only assume and predict the future, but until we get there speculations are the only instrument that connect people's ideas to the future.

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir is unbelievable that people all around the world (who have never met!) can come together like that and take part in such a beautiful song. It in fact shows how much of an impact the internet has on the world. The internet is constantly opening new windows of opportunity, such as a world wide web choir concert for all to see.

Teaching in the 2st Century
Roberts thinks that teaching in the 21st century is not just about study guides or chapter tests, it is about being a positive role model to students. To me, he is also saying that teachers have to prepare students for the real world, not just to pass the middterm exam. With information web sites being limitless to students 24/7, teachers have to be apart of their student's lives in other ways as well. Students look up to educators as an example of what they should be like when they are older. When I was younger, my teachers were sort of like superheroes to us young children. They could do nothing wrong, and everything they did, they did it with ease. I now know that was not the case.
Teaching skills are ever evolving. The way teachers taught back when, is certainly different nowadays. It is like teaching is hiked up a notch, they have got to still be a part of student's lives in additional means. This will affect me as an educator without a doubt. I have always been the person who cares for other people and will try to help them be the best they can be, and that skill that I have will unquestionably help me in my own classroom with my students.
inspector gadget

Project 9a - Timeline

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog Post #4

Benefits of Podcasting
Podcasting in the classroom is a brilliant idea to me. It brings a fresh new perspective to the students and breaks away from the old paper and pencil. The narrator mentioned that you can use podcasts as a study tool as well as for fun. Podcasts can help student to student interaction, too. We are working in a podcast group currently and it has helped tremendously with interaction between my group members and I.

Eagle Nest Radio
These children really know what they are doing. They are so well prepared with the information of Rome. This recording is such a creative way for students to understand the topic and to actually have some fun with school. These children knew details about Rome that some people may still not know. I love what the chidlren did and I want to use it in my classroom some day.


Education Podcast Network
The Education Podcast Network is a website where teachers can go to to get fresh new ideas about methods of teaching. This website is full of several different podcast topics that teachers can search through for their students. The subjects offered on the EPN are so beneficial for teachers trying to find new ways of learning for their students.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blog Post #3

In Kelly Hine's post, "It's not about the Technology" she mentioned several different points: Teachers must be learners, Technology is useless without good teaching, Learning and teaching are not the same thing, and Be a 21st century teacher without the technology. I wrote back to her agreeing with the fact that teachers must be learners. No one in this world is ever completely done learning. Learning is not something that can be ended. With technology constantly being updated in every aspect of teaching, learning new ideas is not uncommon. I also mentioned that being technologically literate is a must in order to be a teacher.
In another point, "technology is usless without good teaching", I said that if a classroom has the newest most expensive smartboard just sitting there, what good is it? If it is not being utilized to the teacher's advantage, it might as well not be there. Teachers have multiple roles, but the most crucial is that they are responsible for teaching the children as much as they can. The children's minds at elementary age are so young and impressionable, being taught essential skills by their teacher holds the most importance. Technology plays a huge role in the growth of children's minds.

Karl Fisch's blog post is truly the epitomy of an in depth opinion of someone who is so passionate about something. This post is focused on technology and how educators should all be technologically literate. I agree one thousand percent with Karl Fisch. One of my favorite lines from his blog is when he said, "If a teacher today is not technologically literate - and is unwilling to make the effort to learn more- it is equivalent to a teacher 30 years ago who didn't know how to read or write." He hit the nail on the head with that one. Technology is such a big part of the world today that is is nearly impossible not to use it in the classrooms.
I mentioned in my comment to him that I think all educators should read his blog post. I also said that being technologically advanced can only help the students in the long run. So why wouldn't educators want to get in on technology? It's crazy to me how some select teachers can just use the ways they learned in the classroom how ever many years aog and not advance in their skills whatsoever. Teachers want their students to be the best they can be, and technology would certainly help improve their creative sides and help them grow all around.

Michael Wesch's video - A Vision of Students Today is hands down the most though provoking video I've seen on this topic. The video is shot in a university classroom with students holding up different statistics about college students. Some say they spend a certain amount of hours doing homework or how much money they spend on textbooks. I wrote, it is mainly focused on the student's perspective. It is all about the student and how much time they spend in class on Facebook. To me, students are paying to be there. Quit complaining. Trying to better your education takes time and focus.
From the other perspective, I'm sure teachers don't want to grade 300 tests and homework, and I'm sure they also hate making the students pay for that $450 textbook. Educators are not there to make you miserable. They are there to inspire you to get your degree and to be successful in your career of choice. I feel like this video was made to see the pressures students face, but you really did not see the teacher's side. This video has opened my eyes to both the student's perspective and the teacher's.

Gary Haye's Social Media count was shocking! Who knew that many things were being shared on facebook or how many new twitter accounts were being made. What's even more shocking is the rate at which they change. Every .5 seconds thousands of social media is being shared all around the world. Technology is truly the biggest way of connection for people all around the world.
I think that me being a future teacher, this can only mean good things are yet to come. With that many social webistes out there, and that many people talking about anything that's on their mind right at that second, new ideas for teachers are constantly being introduced! Teachers all around the world are brainstorming ideas with each other. You can learn so much from a fellow teacher's blog and pictures of what their students have accomplished. It is easy to get discouraged in the teaching career but with millions upon millions of people and even teachers using the social media like Gary Hayes has shared, you can always find someone to insprire you. Getting inspired as a teacher can only mean good things for your students!
world with mouses attached

Friday, September 9, 2011

C4K #1 #2 #3 #4- September Comments

I was assigned Maree, and her blog post was on how important it is for countries to "get along". She mentioned that language is a barrier between countries and that we should learn their language, vice versa. Maree also said that in order for countries to get along, we need to establish a good relationship with them. A relationship with them is essential because we could trade and exchange goods with them, she posted. I agree with Maree 100%. It is not good to have war between countries for anyone. We could use help from other countries and they can most certainly use America's help. Maree posted that accidentally offending them causes wars, and I absolutely agree. Wars are not something anyone looks forward to!
happy world

This week I was assigned Toreka. She wrote a beautiful poem on her latest blog. In her post she incorporated her favorite things. She used so many vibrant adjectives that I praised her on. I asked her in my response if she had ever looked into writing as a profession. Toreka seems like she really enjoys writing, and that it is not something she dreads in her classes. She spelled everything correctly and used proper sentence structure. Toreka wrote a great blogpost!

This week I was assigned to the St. Elmo Explorers. They made a remarkable video about themselves. They painted a portrait of themselves and they mentioned what made them the same and what made them different. Every single child had such expressive adjectives and not one of them were repeated. I love this idea, too. When I was in elementary school making a video was not something we did. It is so important at this tender age to realize what makes you, YOU. A little girl in particular caught my attention, Vaunia. She did an outstanding job with her adjectives.

I was assigned to comment on Kristina's blog. In her post, she gave a little information about herself. She stated hold old she is, her best friend, and her interests. Kristina likes to cheer and to participate in gymnastics and so do I. i told her that I have danced all of my life and that I did gymnastics as well. She also has a brother, and I do not. I said that I am an only child, although I wish that I had siblings. She decorated her blog very nicely as well. All of her colors and fonts made it more interesting to the eye.

Project #5 - Google Presentation

Thursday, September 8, 2011

C4T #1 & #2

In Dr. Strange's first blog he basically wrote what he wants his students to know when they leave his class. He created a list of specific goals as to what the student should be able to understand and use in everyday life. Of course the students should be able to write properly, but he also added they should be capable to utilize the scientific method. I wrote back and I completely agree with him. Throughout the years student's minds are jam packed with information and Dr. Strange neatly compiles the information into a list. I also said that the scientific method is the one item on the list that I remember. Dr. Strange and I agree that the method is not only for school classes but for everyday life.
teacher helping student

In Dr. Strange's second blog, internet is the main topic. He is saying that the internet is such a huge part of people's lives. He also mentioned that the internet is full of predators and why we should teach our children how to safely maneuver around the cyber world. I agree, I said that my aunt is crazy about internet. She refuses to dispose any personal information. Dr. Strange said "Be aware. Not afraid." That is so true. People cannot avoid the internet forever. It is now a huge part of life that it is impossible to not take interest in. I also said that the school's are up and coming in the internet. Teachers are getting more and more involved in the internet for their students. The internet can broaden your mind if you let it and you aren't afraid.

I was assigned Jenny She for my second C4T. Her blog post was on her experiences with Google+ and how important peer tutoring sessions are. I mentioned in my response that I have not used Google+ but I keep hearing things about it everywhere. I agreed with her on the fact that peer tutoring sessions are absolutely necessary. When you are in a relaxed environment with people your own age, it really does help you learn at a different level. Such a casual meeting with friends makes college easier to get through, is what I got from Ms. She. We both agree that teachers should integrate these casual sessions into their classrooms.
google plus logo

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blog Post #2

Wow, this video is astounding. Who really knew that that is what is going to happen in just a few years? One of the questions that stood out to me was that in 2049 a $1000 dollar computer was going to essentially know more than humans itself? That sounds so strange to me. If that were true, computers really are going to take over the world. That means that kids are just going to go to the internet and not utilize their brains at all, that would be extremely unfortunate...
I know that research for this video was well thought out, but who can really tell the future? No one REALLY knows what is going to happen. Researchers can guess and analyze all they want, but at the end of the day its still just a guess. According to all of their research, they make it sounds totally believable to the audience. This video makes the people who watch it really stand back and think about what is going to potentially happen to the next generation of children.

"Mr. Winkle wakes" was an eye opener. After all the years he was asleep everything, except one thing, was completely different. The jobs , the environment, and even the people, were a whole of a whole new era. If I woke up and that happened to me, words couldn't describe how I would feel. I can only imagine what was going on in his mind. 
Everything except one thing was changed. That one thing were the schools. He said it was the same as in, the children were still in desks, still reading, and were still receiving the same old lectures. I think that comforted him to know that after all these years, school still has not changed. With the schools being untouched, the message the video was trying to get across was that no matter how much is now changing, education at a school will be forever available. 
mr. winkle

The third video is hilarious! This man is making light out of a possibly tough situation. Basically, he's making jokes but he's still trying to get his point across to the audience that school is discouraging children's creative side. Discouragement is definitely not what school should entail. The teachers are there to push the children, not tear them down. 
Speaking of schools ruining the student's creative side, I think that is is somewhat true. As sad as that may be, its happening all over. Students are there to learn and to strive to be the best they can be. When teachers are telling them, "no that's not how we do it.." that only hurts the children. When he mentioned that no one knows what God looks, the student who was drawing it sure had a hunch of what he looked like.  Good for that student to not let people put them down!

This video made a very good point to anyone who watches it. Cecilia is such a smart little girl to even think of these type of questions at such a young age. She mentions how to meet the needs of the 21st century, the guy she interviews says the curriculum is one way, I absolutely agree. Kids in this century shouldn't be learning past objectives because they probably have already been introduced to them. Kid's attention needs to be met and kept! They get bored easily, and the only way to keep that interest is having a new curriculum.
He also mentions that technology needs to be updated, which is most certainly does. If teachers aren't up to date on what's best for their students, who will push them to see what's out there? Teachers are the student's role models. That is such a hard part that teachers must part take in, after all they are the ones who are around the students the most. The Cecilia Gault's in my classroom will be challenged, I think that's the key to children like that. The child's interest must be kept, and they must be challenged in every which way to succeed!

This last video was so on point. She said that only certain types of students will succeed with pencil and paper. That is so true. Getting the students involved in twitter or blogging, is so much more exciting than just having a activity to do with paper. Children's interests change everyday, and she as a teacher is constantly looking for new ideas to expose her students to. 
This teacher is such an inspiration to her students, I'm sure of that. She did mention that she is learning right along with her students. That is basically unheard of. When a student has taught her something that makes the student feel as if they and the teacher are on the same level. It also makes them feel more comfortable around the teacher. All of these videos made me think, but this last one is the one that sticks out in my mind. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blog Post #1

     My name is Lindsey Harville. Ocean Springs, Mississippi is my home. Hardly anyone knows where it is though, its near Biloxi on the Gulf Coast. My major is Elementary Education. I would LOVE to teach anywhere from 2nd-4th grade, even though I have heard that is the ideal age to teach.
     I am attending USA because the teaching program is one of the top programs USA offers, not to mention it is only an hour from where I'm from. I am extremely close to my family and being 6 hours away would just not do. A couple of my friends already go to South Alabama and they love it. The campus is not too big, but it's not too small either. 
     I want to have a career in teaching for the simple fact, I want to love what I do. I would never want to wake up in the morning and dread going to work. Also, kids are just too cute! They say the most hilarious things and you never know what will come out of their mouth. I want to be the teacher that the kids will remember even after they are long gone and have graduated. 

Fiona :)
 I am an only child and I have a cat, LuLu, and two poodles, Tater (weird, I know), and Fiona. Fiona is red and we got her name from Princess Fiona in the movie, Shrek. She is my baby, and sleeping alone in my dorm room bed just feels so strange! Haha you could say I'm a little bit obsessed...
     I have danced all of my life and was on my high school dance team. Even though i don't take lessons anymore, it is still a big part of my life. I also consider my self passionate for my friends and family. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful group of people behind me supporting every decision, good and not so good. Haha.
My amazing parents!
     I have recently pledged into the Kappa Delta Sorority. I have met some of the sweetest girls, and being away from my friends from home it definitely helps alot with feeling alone. My best friends are spread out at different colleges and even though it makes me sad sometimes, that is where Skype comes in. 

My best friends, Susan and Taylor...
again, minus Susan, add Rachel :)

Me and Britney on a cup.

  I'm a VERY sensitive person, and if I see someone cry there's no hope for me. I love animals but I could never be a Veterinarian because I would want to adopt all of them. Not to mention I'd cry if they were in pain. I'm a people person, and I prefer carbs over sweets. God is awesome and I've been told I'm good at giving advice. My whole dorm room is mostly pink and that is no doubt my favorite color. I don't like pizza and I only eat chicken. No red meat for me. Oh, and Britney Spears is my girl. I was in 7th heaven when I saw her in concert. 

 That's a little...well that's alot about myself. I doubt most of you have read this far. If you have, we should be friends :)

Randy Pausch - Time Management

This video on time management clarifies specifically what I should be doing.  The what happens if I chose not to do it? question stuck out to me. If I don't do my homework or I don't study, I will get a 0 or I will probably fail the test, which leads to possibly failing the class, which also leads to not getting the credits I need to obtain a teaching degree. Not getting that degree will only prolong my time in school and only hurt me. So anytime I'm tempted to not do my homework, that question will be running thru my mind.
     He said, "It doesn't matter how well you polish the underside of the banister..." How true is that! He mentions lots of little comments like that that make you think!
     I do not know anything else about Dr. Pausch other than he was on Oprah giving advice on time management.